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Friday, December 19, 2014

My favorite CPS Loving Feminazi blog is on the attack against Michael Farris and the HSLDA

I started reading this blog called "Love, Joy, Feminism" about a year ago.  I was intrigued by how the blogs author Libby Ann, who grew up so sheltered from the real world in what she considers to be a dysfunctional, conservative Evangelical home school home could grow up to become the all wise and knowing bleeding heart liberal parent who should be entitled to project her ways and beliefs onto everybody.  Not only that, I found it amazing how she uses her blog to bash her own mother because she is still pissed about a spanking that she got as a child.  She also constantly complains about being home schooled, all but claiming that her parents used home schooling to hide abuse or something of that nature.    

I was even more intrigued by how trusting she is towards the Child Protective Industry who never came to rescue her from those spankings and how critical she is of organizations, groups and individuals who fight to protect parental rights.  It's like she's totally focused on the CPS Ideology as the gospel truth, rather than the reality of the monster that CPS has become.   She preaches the belief that if CPS is in your life, you must have done something wrong to deserve it.  Of course most of you who read Legally Kidnapped know better because you have experienced first hand how CPS engages in fraudulent, heavy handed activities along with the service providers who are paid to treat, love and care for stolen children as has been documented throughout the LK Blog for years.  

Even more interesting is the group think mentality of this blogs die-hard followers who engage in in depth conversations to support in agreement everything that was said in the original post.  Mostly, the commenters are academic feminists who know everything and are always right, so don't bother commenting or debating with them any oppositional view.  Oh, did I mention they banned me from commenting?  All I had to do to set them off was to speak.


Now Libby Ann has vowed to attack the Home School Legal Defense Association with a new series examining things that the HSLDA opposes.  Here are the first two installments of this.

Also, she's going to analyze piece by piece a book written by Michael Farris called, "Anonymous Tip".  I'm going to have to follow this.  

Here's the link to the first installment in this series...

I especially urge you to read the comments.  It might help you to understand the opposition that we face in the blindly supportive world in which CPS exists.  Notice they are trusting and supportive of CPS.  In fact, their criticism is just the opposite of ours.
Them: CPS doesn't move fast enough to investigate abuse or act on their reports.
Us: They steal too many kids unnecessarily.
Here is a screen shot of a comment thread that demonstrates this...

Now, to tell you the truth, I haven't paid all that much attention to the HSLDA outside of reading and posting a few of their articles.  I've never had a reason to take issue with what they're doing.  Many activists respect the work that they've done and appreciate the help that they have given to families who are dealing with CPS.  And I know many of you support the Parental Rights Amendment as well.  

I will keep you updated.

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