Legally Kidnapped

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Friday, August 15, 2014

And Legally Kidnapped exposes the flaws in social workers.
The deaths of two Vermont infants this year prompted a legislative probe into the Department for Children and Families. And frontline social workers are now coming forward to help lawmakers improve child protection services.
But forget about hearing anything their victims have to say.
And then there's this.
Kerrie Johnson, a former social worker in Morrisville who left the department recently to go to law school, said she’s been frustrated by the inability to admit hearsay into family court hearings. When children tell doctors, for instance, that their injuries were inflicted by a care giver, that information can’t be admitted in court. And she said abusive parents can easily convince children to change their testimony before a judge. 
“And I just very recently was called to testify at a hearing in which we lost, and the child went home in a very serious physical abuse case, because we could not introduce this child’s statements,” Johnson said.
I'll bet parents could talk toh

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