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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Put on your rose colored glasses and join me on the journey of a foster parent.

Since I've been doing this, I have come across several blogs of people who have made the decision and take the steps to become foster parents.  Although many of them just fizzle out after a short time, a few go on and take you through the whole process.  From making the decision to regurgitating that which they learned about in foster parent training.  From getting their first stolen child to where they get all fed up and disgusted with the system and the process or totally upset with me and stop blogging altogether.   These I commonly refer to the "Foster Parent Journey" blogs.  Why?  Because becoming a foster parent is apparently some adventurous spiritual journey of self-becoming or something.

I really enjoy reading some of these blogs.  I often long for the "ignorance is bliss days" when I believed that this was all for the greater good instead of lining the pockets of the System Sucks.  Ah but learning the truth has it's drawbacks.  

Still, I have yet to figure out what would possess somebody to make such a decision, but they do.  Perhaps because they're good people who were simply sold on a line of bullshit, moved by the fluff, and motivated by the constant horror stories of child abuse that the media likes to spurt out on occasion, which only covers the extremest mode.  

But anyway.  I introduce you to Jennifer and Michael, who seem like good god fearing people who want to do the right thing by selling their souls to the devil, I mean joining the Child Protective Industry and becoming foster parents.

I hope and pray that someday you might come to see the truth.  I hope that  you learn empathy for the real parents instead of the hatred and criticism that fuels most of these blogs.  And I pray that you always do what's right by the kids who come into your care.

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