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Saturday, September 22, 2012

State agency doesn't have enough workers to protect abused kids

State agency doesn't have enough workers to protect abused kids

High caseloads and high turnover continue to vex the state Child Protective Service agency's efforts to investigate abuse and neglect allegations of Texas children. And solutions to keep caseworkers on the job protecting children aren't working effectively. Among the counties most affected by those dynamics are Travis, Hays and Williamson. Backlogs in these Central Texas counties are at chronic levels. The problem requires immediate attention from state leaders, including Texas Health and Human Services Commissioner Dr. Kyle Janek, because too many Texas children are at risk of being injured as their cases languish for months without consideration.


  1. Anonymous10:59 PM

    There is not nor has there ever been a national crisis for shortage of child protection workers. The shortage comes from the agency's push to place children in foster care due to federal incentives to do so. There should be a demand for the states to investigate ALL files of child removal cases and return children whose parents have not been charged with child abuse.

  2. I agree people should not have to worry about the states child snatching systems it is way out of control


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