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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Josh Brodesky: CPS covered up tragic fact: Za' Naya could have been saved

Josh Brodesky: CPS covered up tragic fact: Za' Naya could have been saved

This might be the saddest CPS story I have ever told. Considering how many tragedies we've seen over the years with Child Protective Services, that's really saying something.

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  1. The state department of economic security? How are they in charge?

    I’m not sure the SWAT team is solely responsible- “Child Protective Services did not interview the relative suspected of abuse.” …gee, imagine that.

    “sent a team of experts”.. is that SWAT? Oh, their own SWAT, now I get it. Does true law enforcement approve of them borrowing this label?

    “..unfinished” OR “stale” cases? Those have two different meanings. Let’s use them approtriately without exchanging half way thru the article.
    Unfinished can be department inflated numbers, for increased funding, and public sympathy, all the while wasting resources that should be spent for real investigations. Stale can be true fishing expeditions.

    “We are talking about our at-risk kids.” Corrected, we are talking about all kids caught in the snares of CPS nets, 90% of CPS cases are unnecessary,
    weakened families are salvageable, and should be…
    maltreatment morphs to suit the wants of social workers, and needs of the state to fulfill quotas for further funding streams.

    “The agency has also insisted that it has held people accountable for this failure. How? Staff members were retrained , saying administrative leave is not disciplinary action. Personnel actions were taken .. all the issues were addressed.

    .. let [THEM ALL] resign!!”
    [oops I filled that in!!]

    Heavy redaction, wave of the past and future.


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