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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Society now criminalizing parents that allow children to play in the yard

Society now criminalizing parents that allow children to play in the yard

A Virginia mother was recently interrogated four times by police, and visited twice by social services, after neighbors spotted the mother’s children playing in their own yard unsupervised, and decided to report the non-incident to local authorities. According to Lenore Skenazy of Free-Range Kids, such hysteria and Stasi-style paranoia are becoming the norm in America, where children are being excessively coddled, overprotected, and treated as though they are always in grave danger of being kidnapped or harmed.

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  1. My granddaughter was kidnapped by CPS in California for walking across the street to play with friends. Now after over $50,000 in legal fees from crooked attorneys she is adopted out , her mother is dead and my wife her grandmother is dead all as a result of horror and trauma inflicted upon us by CPS. I sued CPS, the County and the Juvenile court in Federal court twice and they did not even respond and the Federal court would do nothing about it. It seams that being pro se in federal court gives you no rights at all. CPS attacked me in every way they could. CPS is above the law and it appears that our legal system is so corrupt that there is nothing we can do about the government stealing our children for money. We have no rights left and the government and their color of law frauds, like the juvenile court, have turned us into zombie slaves we just do not know it yet! I have now filed criminal complaints with the State against several CPS workers, federal judges, state judges and attorneys. I am sure the state will just ignore my criminal complaints just like the Federal court did. If that does not work I am going to file a common law complaint with the U.S. Supreme court and add the State and the Attorney General to the complaint. I am in fear of my life as I believe that these criminals would have no problem murdering me to stop me from getting to the U.S. Supreme court and exposing more of their frauds and criminal conspiracy!!! CPS is out of control and needs to be stopped and most people involved with CPS including workers, managers, directors and judges need to go to jail for their horrendous, inhuman criminal acts!!! CPS makes the Nazis look like little school girls!!


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