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Sunday, June 17, 2012

DHS abuse hotline evolves

DHS abuse hotline evolves

The call center resembles an office of people making sales, but operators are actually hearing horrific stories.


  1. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Why is this article posted or linked to Legally Kidnapped,an ANTI-CPS group? This article is merely PROPAGANDA, designed with the intention of making the public THINK there is a huge need for CPS, due to all the so-called "abuse" out there, as "evidenced" by these "horrific" phone calls to these supposed hotline operators. Anything in quotation marks means I am being sarcastic. This article is nothing but BS propaganda.

  2. chanda5:34 AM

    Yes there is a hotline and yes it is evolving...into what I'm not quite so sure of. This is the same "hotline" that some vindictive woman called on me and now my son has been gone since Nov. 1st last year without any REAL GOOD CAUSE OR PROPER INVESTIGATION. AS A MATTER OF FACT ...ALL ACCUSATIONS HAVE BEEN DISPROVED YET THEY TELL ME IT COULD BE ANOTHER 18O TO 260 DAYS BEFORE "REUNIFICATION" BEGINS! DISCUSTING.


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