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Thursday, June 28, 2012

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 The London Olympics Road UK NATIONAL ROAD Blockade Time and date to be confirmed.  Campain Video

The Parents Join Forces No more children kidnapping by the uk social services ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

Imagine the scenes, if all major highway networks throughout the UK were blockaded by thousands of motorists on the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games....the 27th of July. Wait, thats just a month away. You didn't need much time to organise the petrol blockades did you? Organising something like this is just as doable. Cameron said that there is to be no protests on the day of the games....there won't be any games if people cannot get to them via the highways. All major motorways and A roads are blocked. How many long distance lorry drivers do you know that have had their children stolen by the state? Start talking to them now and ask them to apply the same tactics as in the fuel crisis back in 2000. If we are to get the Governments attention and I mean full attention, then we must demonstrate how much power we do have. Thoughts please.

Imagine blocking the entire road networks with protesters in their cars, vans, motor homes and did it with the rise in petrol, then lets do the same for our children. This will send the Government in to a blind panic. As my video suggests, you protest about fuel, poll tax and blood sports but what about the children? All major roads blocked (except ALL HARD SHOULDERS) these must remain open for emergency personnel. It must be done peacefully. The mission is to get the whole country to stop working and bring disruption and chaos. Petrol prices, poll tax and blood sports matter but NOT as much as your children do. All this taking place on the same day as the opening ceremony to the Olympic Games. I would offer an apology for the disruption this will cause for those who have all bought tickets to the games but, I wouldn't mean it. We need to hit them where it hurts like they do to us.

Ignoring this simply is not an option. Lastly, imagine if we do this, how many countries can we get to do the same on the day? Worldwide peaceful protest against child stealing is back and bigger than before.

You have the choice whether to work or not but, you didn't have a choice when they came and took you children away....

"CHOICE" - an act or instance of choosing or opportunity to choose. The child had no choice about going with the $ocial $ervices......

Life is all about choices. You choose to protest about the fuel prices, you choose to protest about blood sports, you choose to convince people UFO's exist you choose to get behind the blockading of all major highways in the UK. M25, M4, M5, M1, M23, M6 etc......this would cause major disruption around the country. Spanning from Lands End to Jonh O' Groats.

This is the ultimate choice, one that does not require you to think, only act. Bringing the country to it's knees will make the PM panic. Forever hearing about strikes by NHS staff, emergency services and rail services but, what if the country went on strike, nothing would get done. At least we would have succeeded in getting their attention.

Thoughts please.

Will you save Thousands of children being stolen every year with no rights

forced adoptions parents ailinated against each other and the children.

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