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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Guest Post: CPS Theory in the disappearance of baby Ayla Reynolds:

CPS Theory in the disappearance of baby Ayla Reynolds:

The FBI needs to check into CPS Abducting this child. We all know Maine CPS is the most corrupt department we have. Maine has received an F for this and we all know CPS is retaliatory, an angry, hostile department that backlashes parents. I can only image how pist off they must have been at Trista Reynolds for having an Attorney and a Medical Doctor forcing CPS to sign a contract that they could not take baby Ayla from her. Trista’s parental rights were protected and CPS hates this. As in the Handler’s case baby Ayla would have been a lot of money for the department if adopted out.

We all know CPS will CASE HOMES, harass families, threaten parents, brake there Civil Rights, Parental Rights, Constitunal Rights, even their own internal policies and procedures. They believe they are above the LAWS. CPS has the ability to make fake documents and then loose them, the ability to adopt child out over STATE Lines. CPS has the ability and level of corruption to cover up (loose) any paper trail. It’s as simple as putting the papers in a shredder. There is no accountability or Watchful eyes on CPS in Maine.

Maine CPS has the power, the education, the experience, and hate keeping families together, and are retaliatory against any parents who dare challenge them. Trista Reynolds did, and for good reason given CPS has higher rates of abuse then parents. I say good for Trista, I praise her for standing up to them. I hope she sues them.

CPS is the only ones who had involvemnent in this case that has the ability to OUTWIT THE FBI!!! They have the motive, they have the ability, they have the negative ego to do this.
I have a difficult time believing the Justin Dipietro has the ability to kill his own child, then cover it up with many people in the home, then OUTWIT the FBI!! That everyone in that home that night is also OUTWITTING the FBI.

Keep in mind only Ayla Reynolds was targeted and the only other person involvement was CPS, and they do have the ability to case that home, abduct that child, make legal paperwork bring her out over state lines, then loose the paperwork.

CPS has the ability to OUTWIT the FBI.

I would be curious to know if any CPS workers secretly volunteered to search for Ayla? I wonder if there is news footage that may show CPS worker doing this. IF so, it wouldn’t be because there actually there to help, maybe it would be because they are returning to the scene of the crime? Maybe to seed the mind of others and keep the public against Ayla’s Parents. Keeping the focus shifted away from them.

Keep in mind this is only a Theory which we are all allowed to have, I may be completely wrong, but it's worth investigating. I have no evidence or facts to back this up, but does anyone who posts accusations against the parents on all those blog sites? We are all allowed our opinions and thoughts. 1st Amendment.

I think the FBI should look into CPS taking this baby, look into if any of their departments have had any unexplained monies come in around this time, and if any CPS workers volunteered.

My heart goes out to this family, I wish Ayla safe and a safe reunion with her parents.


  1. I agree that CPS oversteps boundaries and has done so in this case, I also think they failed to do their jobs. I do not however think that a CPS worker walked into the DiPietro household in the middle of the night and took Ayla without being detected by anyone or leaving any evidence behind showing they were there. If CPS wanted to take Ayla and place her with a family out of state and collect the money for her, they would not have to resort to stealing her in the middle of the night and could get a court order and take her. I think your theory has too many holes that you need to plug up first. JMO

  2. laurie9:38 PM

    When my daughter turned 15 her and i started having mother/daughter problems. Her 17 year old friend called CPS and reported me as abusing her. No counsoling or help was given from CPS. they forced themselves into my home and took her clothes to the friends house and told her that she could live there, and put a protectin order against me. They questioned my two younger children, in school, in the hallway, several times, without my knowledge. they took me to court. the court gave custody of her to her father, whom i had been running from because he has terrorized my family since she was born. He had stabbed me, abused my children, been in prison several times,never paid child support, and who almost choked her to death 2 months later. Thank you, CPS, for doing that to her, her brother and sister who freaked out and cried forever, and to me. rkenterewds

  3. Anonymous10:03 PM

    Laurie My heart goes out to you. Your not alone with the horror stories that CPS Creates here in Maine. They perverse the Normal and 99% of the time they do more harm than good.

    JusticeforAyla: Many people have accused Trista of walking into that home and taking her, and yes this is possible by anyone. Not the first time this has happened across this Country and CPS is accross this country. IN this case, CPS was forced to sign a contract I believe that was with two doctors present, and attorney's protecting Trista and Ayla. What does this mean: CPS COULD HAVE WALKED IN AN OPENLY TAKEN AYLA FROM JUSTIN, BUT THEY WOULD HAVE HAD TO GIVEN HER BACK TO TRISTA IMMEDIATELY DUE TO THAT CONTRACT. OR THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN IN BREACH OF IT AND SUED FOR IT! I BELIEVE THIS IS A RARE CASE IN MAINE WHERE CPS HAD TO SIGN AND PROTECT THE RIGHTS OF TRISTA A PARENT. In addition to that, look at how many people brake into homes and don't get caught! Brake into cars and don't get caught right in mid day light! IN On another note: Right now there are TWO boys missing from a FOSTER CARE PARENT from out of state! TWO FOSTER CHILDREN missing and the foster parent never reported them missing. Sound farmiliar???? I don't see this on national news, nor news stations following the case live in the court room. No one knows where they are, and the foster care parent continued to collect the money. TWO CHILDREN MISSING POSSIBLE FOR YEARS AND NEVER REPORTED MISSING...No one knows where they are to this day. CPS HAS KEPT IT FROM THE NATIONAL NEWS, The PUBLIC. Where's there Justice?

  4. theres no juctise when it comes to cps they think their god almight him self but let me tell u their time will come to a end and u know mayb they r the ones that took that kid mayb had a buyer and wen they had to sign that contract well their not going to loose their money over a little thing like a contract im not from there im in texas they got double for my kids wat they get already and plus their death benifits which was over 1100 a piece so it seems to me we have kids for them to steal and sell kinda sad huh

  5. Cristine11:00 PM

    Absolutely this could be a possibility! Have you seen this beautiful child with her bright blue eyes and blonde hair...she is a tiny piece of heaven here on earth... Are you aware of the amount of people in this world who disregard the law and believe they are above it? I have not one doubt in my mind that if this was not a random-against all odds- abduction, that this little girl is alive and living with someone who believed they could do better for her on their own terms.
    Someone who came in contact with her during this troubling time between a mother who was losing control, and what some believe as a father who was not an active role model for a child that many would give their left arm to have in their life. Could be at the doctors office, or a CPS meeting...Currently, this case is hung up on one forced entry. No physical evidence of abduction....and all this from organizations (MSP & FBI) who very well know that there are many cases of such that have surpassed these obvious physical aspects of evidence. So, five months into the case, what is this evidence they have that points them in one direction? If they don't have this do they justify their investigation thus far? Maybe we will find out tomorrow. All I know is there is hope....

  6. Anonymous11:27 PM

    I guess we found out, tomorrow has gone buy. Now maybe the FBI will turn there attention onto the 3rd party in this case. Maine CPS. There nothing but a legal pediphial and child trafficking ring. I can picture one of them tapping on the child's window with something, waking her up, prompting her to go open the door. I read somewhere there was a suspicious van?

    CPS hates families and they hate children and it shows.

  7. Anonymous2:36 PM

    I really wouldn't put it past Maine CPS or CPS in general to take Ayla. There could be several scenarios, I just hope there's justice in the end for whoever & whatever happened to this defenseless baby girl.

  8. Anonymous1:11 PM

    There is a need for a Federal Oversight Committee similar to the police having Internal Affairs, to investigate complaints against CPS/DCFS. They are OUT OF CONTROL, not only in Maine but right across the USA. There are so many horror stories concerning them that it is about time someone sat up and said, enough is enough and instigated a Federal watchdog to monitor their activities.

  9. Anonymous9:48 PM

    They were in a hurry to get Ayla from her maternal aunt's house because the "adoptive" parents were growing impatient. She never made it to Phoebe's house. That makes sense.


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