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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Paul LePage, Republican Governor Of Maine, Calls State Workers 'Corrupt'

Paul LePage, Republican Governor Of Maine, Calls State Workers 'Corrupt'

Maine's blunt-speaking governor is again creating a ruckus with his offhanded remarks – this time by calling state government middle managers "about as corrupt as can be."

Note: I must point out that Governor LePage of Maine is attacking social service programs such as Medicaid, Food Stamps, and TANIF, but fails to mention that Medicaid is the largest funding source in Child Welfare.  

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  1. my children have been a victim of this scheme. my husband and i are just hoping we will find the people and avenues to pursue to work bring this issue more to light with taxpayers and government officials. we desperately want to bring more awareness to all of the families and children that are traumatized and shattered because of this states corrupt practices to support its welfare based economy. the devastation that these practices cause leave most parents (and children) devoid of any mental or emotional capacity to even know where to begin-- to even express the injustices that have been done, let alone try to work to overturn them and prevent this from happening to basic human rights, along with children's fragile psyches, and mothers' and fathers' souls have been shredded and permanently slashed and scarred. this is the most extreme form of bullying... by a government agency with ultimate authority. where does one begin? my husband and i have have so much work to do to bring attention to our case, the goal being to get it to the federal supreme level. we have to push ourselves to have this fight when we are feeling so crushed and oppressed. i would beg to seek out any support or resources or friendship from anyone feeling connected in any way to this issue. please, i welcome any communication from anyone who has any ideas, encouragement, leads, plans of action, etc.... we would be happy and grateful to share any details of our ordeal and experiences in the state of Maine, legal or otherwise. thank you so much for hearing me. -Mary Noud


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