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Monday, August 22, 2011

By Porcha

Richland County Children Services and the business of "legal kidnapping "

I am a mother located in mansfield ohio , something is very wrong in children services here , in short , they illegally took a 4 month old baby , or rather told a paternal grandmother not to return the child from akron ohio on a routine weekend visit without ANY authority to do so mother went w/o seeing , hearing getting a txt from anybody regarding her child , no court date , no paperwork or orders removing child from the home and mother was never found unfit or unsuitable . Workers from the agency have perjured themselves on stand with the court citing that it was highly disappointed with the testimony of 2 agency workers . The agency has "lost" paperwork advocated for this particular child to be placed elsewhere with NO REASONING or evidence as to why , I have court evidence of the deciding investigator fraternizing with the grandmother after hours basically saying she will do what she has to to ensure that the courts rule in favor of grandma , although mother has committed no wrongdoing . I have evidence of them breaking the law , this agency is to protect children not to disenfranchise the parents that do right by their children , the director of RCCSB is Randy Parker who is very elusive and refuses to speak on the case , even with county commisioners , I know this because I am the mother in question . I have also spent thousands of dollars , given up my college education , sanity , and sleep tp figure out what is going on by means of corruption in this agency. RCCSB has recently dismissed my case that took my child out of my care citing not having any evidence to have done what that did , and my child is STILL not in my care , I have never done anything wrong and the agency has not once tried to rectify itself , I am afraid these legal kidnappings are all too often and the taxpayers who fund these agencies are unaware , I have been through grievance , upon grievance to no avail , people need to be aware of what goes on in these systems why are we failing these children these families and WHO do you tell when you have fallen victim? . I am allotted weekend visits for a child I NEVER was found to have done ANYTHING wrong to , parents rights' are paramount to the rights of anyone ... this is a sick injustice that is kept too quiet and these agencies need to be held responsible when they break up homes and lives in err , whether it be due to incompetent workers , policies , discrimination , or flatout corruption , we are failing families and horribly . thank you for your time .

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