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Monday, August 22, 2011

By Anonymous

I have 4 (16,14,13,9) wonderful girls that are in care, 2 of them have MAJOR INTELLECTUAL DISABILITYS (16,14y/o) and 9 year old MILD INTELLECTUAL DISABILITY and a main stream (13 y/o) my older kids have been incare since 2002, when my 9 y/o was 2 weeks old, FOR 2 WEEKS VOLUNTERARY TEMPERARY CARE, (What a joke) they got sexually malestested in care, DOCS tryed to accuse natural family, they still tell the kids to say things, Like that they remember mum and and daddy doing unbelievable sickning things like sticking sticks in their bums ect, kids that couldnt even remeber what the did yesterday. My 9 year old was taken straight from school june 09, After being in my care since 2002, with no reports or concerns from DOCS, with docs only leaving a card at my doors saying dont pick your daughter up before calling us, They came back to my house, and said that "S" will not be coming home, she will be going to stay with her sisters, For she disclosed that her dad had sexually abused her, at access.(i was in tears, they said that its noting I did, It has to be investigated, before you can see her, ( what aload of shit) I called docs before giving her father unsupervised access and I wanted them to supervise access due to concerns i had with with him, having unsupervised access and they forced me to give him access, due to being her bio father. not know what my concerns were, (HE HAS MULTI PERSONAILITY DISORDER, AND PARANIOR SCITZAPHRINIC, BIPOLO ETC) From the day they took her from school to the day I first saw her it was 8weeks, they gave me 3 x 1 hour access over 3 weeks then they stopped me from seeing for over 12months, without explaination, and they bought out my legal rep and got their order for access 3 times a years for min of 1hr in the office, with my 9 year old and the other 3 girls could come if they wanted to. Docs think that the girls know what the consequences of what docs tell them to say, eg, say that you dont want to see mum any more, (BULLSHIT, ITS BRAIN WASHING, AND THEY ARE ALIANATING MY KIDS AGAINEST ME.WHY CAUSE THEY FUCKED UP.) There is no justice, mY 9 Y/O was told to think that she was at mums, before she went to sleep so she would cry herself to sleep... (THIS IS MENTAL ABUSE AND DOCS GET AWAY WITH IT..)

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