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Monday, July 25, 2011

Licensing Children's Entertainers?

So last night someone left a comment on the Baby LK Video.
You forgot to mention about lobbyist Linda Beaudoin seeking legislative legal reform on 5 laws to prevent child abuse. One is licensing adult children entertainers like clowns and magicians Police arrest Jose Guadelupe clown for allegedly kidnapping & rape We need to license with criminal background checks
This person has been commenting and emailing over the last few weeks trying to get me to do a piece in support of her cause, which is the licensing of children's entertainers in the name of protecting children, which would include background checks, etc. And while I admire her passion and determination as well as her concern for child safety, I am also sick and tired of these people who are so gung-ho on finding new ways of protecting children that do nothing more than prevent good people from doing anything out of fear of an accusation or a skeleton in the closet, and turn good people into criminals without just cause under the "Guilty Before Proven Innocent" doctrine, (which is an apparent side effect of the Age of Paranoia) especially in regards to child protection.

Now all of that said, for educational purposes parents should listen to what this person has to say. I do not agree with her that new laws are needed. Nope. This one falls on you. This is where you as the parent become responsible for the safety of your own children as we can not rely on the Government to do everything for us. Nor should we require every person who comes into contact with children to be approved by the government. Sadly, too many overzealous child protectors disagree.

Perhaps she is absolutely right where she says that parents are a little too trusting of the Santa at the Christmas Party or the Clown at the birthday party, especially if they are hired strangers. Perhaps parents should be there supervising what goes on in their own homes during social events involving their own kids and others. I do not, however, agree that a new law is needed.
City to look at licensing clowns

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty turned down the idea last month, but Brampton City Councillors have said they want to consider licensing clowns, Santas and other children’s entertainers here.
Take child abuse seriously and license clowns, activist urges

Linda Beaudoin was outside the Napanee courthouse the day Randy Miller pleaded guilty to child pornography charges in April.
Now if there's one thing that I can't stand it's overzealous child protection laws. I'm digging for a few examples that come to mind.
State to mom: Stop baby-sitting neighbors' kids, or else

Nativity blackout: Parents banned from taking photos and pupils' eyes covered up... all in the name of child protection

Couple Sues Walmart for Calling Cops Over Bath Time Photos

Crisis in elementary schools: Virtually no male teachers

Why 'Caylee's Law' Is A Bad Idea
A law requiring the licensing of Children's Entertainers would fall into this category and simply prevent good and talented people from becoming Children's Entertainers.

Publicity about criminal checks hurting recruitment; Parents complain about bad image

There is an old saying that doesn't have much meaning in the modern day. It goes something like this. "You did your time, you paid for your crime." Today, it just seems like people think that there should be no more forgiveness. Your one time fuck up of 25 or 30 years ago should come back to haunt you for life and ban you from ever having anything to do with children, even your own in some cases. Because of that, every good person should be put through the criminal screening process now?

Where will it end?

Perhaps the next thing somebody will come up with is a state mandated license for parents to bring their newborns home from the hospital. Don't put it past them.

Britain's forced adoptions: the hidden scandal we can't ignore

At some point it just becomes a little too much.

Licensing Children's Entertainers



  1. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Thanks for posting the article about my efforts to have adult children entertainers licensed with a criminal background checks .
    Interesting how you side with the entertainers rights versus children rights They do have rights to be safe at whatever measure . I have done plenty of research and I have worked as a clown I know what I am talking about John Gacy is an example He was a serial killer and a business man considered an upstanding citizen in his community worked as a clown Had there of been a license he would not of been issued one He had a previous conviction of sodomy.I need to correct you on something
    Children rights should be priority
    IT IS EVERY ONES RESPONSIBILITY TO PREVENT CHILD ABUSE By you saying it is not the government but I say it is as well as everyone else A child is vulnerable and has rights I speak on their behalf I am a survivor of incest and child abuse I will do all necessary to protect the innocent I am making a difference with the 5 laws I am seeking Perhaps those who object to this need look at themselves and say if you have nothing to hid why would you be against it ?
    This will pass it is only a matter of time If your going to work with children be prepared to get a license When RANDY MILLER who worked as a clown is released from jail hopefully the law will be in place to prevent him to ever be a clown around kids NO FORGIVENESS OR PARDONS FOR SEX OFFENDERS
    I pray for all the children safety

  2. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Holly Molly
    I replied to this article and would you know it It vanished
    Now I have to start allover again

    To reply to Legally Kidnapped post This is my response
    If you have nothing to hide there should not be a problem
    Why not screen adult children entertainers ? I only see a person rejecting this idea because of their own concerns and not that of the child right to be safe
    Children have rights and I am a voice for them
    I am currently seeking 5 laws and yes these laws will prevent child abuse
    I really have to wonder why anyone would object
    Keeping children safe is everyone responsibility Its your Its mine Its the governments too
    If you object to this then that means if a child was in danger and being abducted you would turn a blind eye because you believe it is not your responsibility IT IS
    Children are vulnerable They need us to protect them no matter what where when
    If you disagree I need wonder why ?
    This law to license adult children entertainers shall pass it is all of a matter of time
    A good example of the need for licensing is John Gacy a business Considered to be an upstanding citizen in his community. He was a serial killer Murdered 33 boys and buried 28 under his house.
    He worked as a clown Had he had to get a license he would of been denied a license He had a precious conviction of sodomy
    Please support licensing as I have first hand knowledge of the need for it I have worked as a clown Years prior to that I had a license as an exotic dancer and I had to get a license with background check Why would they not have same criteria I would think it be more important licensing those who work with children Learn More about this at

  3. Linda, this is why I generally don't entertain the notions of child rights advocates. You all have a tendency of putting words in our mouths, and refuse to consider any other notions except for that which you already believe. And I'm just as pig headed as I've seen what I've seen and been through what I've been through because of people like you who think that you have a right to tell me how to raise my own children.

    >>> If you have nothing to hide there should not be a problem

    Unless you've done nothing wrong. Why should innocent people be treated as criminals in the name of child protection?

    You're pushing for the kid of world that I wouldn't want to live in. A world where all the fun will be taken from all of the kids.

    Presumed guilt against the whole world will not prevent child abuse, it will simply make everybody out there afraid of their own shadows. Innocent people will be suspect, and love, trust, hope, faith will be come things of the past in order to satisfy the rantings and ravings of the paranoid.

    "Yes Chicken Little the sky is falling."

  4. There is already a legal procedure for parents to be approved by the state to take a new born home.

    It's called the birth certificate.

    You wish to license children entertainers with background checks? Well, I believe we should just go ahead and do background checks on all humans. As humans, we will all eventually come in contact with a child and the state should do background checks on everyone.

    Hold on a minute...there is already a system like this in place. It's called Child Protective Services.

    As a matter of fact, I say we end all funding for the wars and dump it into child protection.

    Better yet, let's just build enormous facilities and acquire these newly produced human goods [babies] and let the state raise them so they will never be exposed to any possibility of being abused and neglected.

    Now, what I ask this child protection zealot is why she has taken on an anomalous cause while allowing children under the protection of the state to be raped, overmedicated and murdered.

  5. Anonymous8:48 PM

    You are a total moron
    Kids have been kidnapped raped an murdered by those working as clowns,magicians,Santa costume characters etc ITS A NO BRAINIER AS CITY COUNCILLOR STATED

  6. Is that you Linda? Still going nutty I see.


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