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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

National Model Child Welfare System's Should Not Create People Like Me

I have here an interview with Ellie Goldberg, the now retired founder and former CEO of the Maine Children's Alliance (MCA). This page changes frequently, and you may simply have to search for her name if you arrive at this page later on down the line, but as of now, it's there.

A Conversation with Ellie Goldberg

Although, a lot of this half hour podcast is about the data that the MCA collects which is later used by policymakers to help them make more informed decisions, how the MCA came about, and some of the changes that such information has led to in the state. At about 8 minutes into the podcast, Ms. Goldberg begins her rant on the Maine Child Welfare and Foster Care system.

She talks about all of the wonderful improvements that Maine has made over the last 10 years. She discusses the concept of kinship care programs. The concept of taking less kids into foster care. In all honesty, I support many of their programs, and I support a lot of what they do, there is a lot of what they do that I don't support, but overall I fully admit that the organization has done some wonderful things for the children of Maine. Taking into consideration that there is still a lot more to do of course.

But enough about that.

Ms. Goldberg goes on to glorify the work of Maine's Children's Ombudsman Dean Crocker, a man who will always hold a special place in my heart as the most useless person in Maine. Now, many of you may ask why I would say such a thing about Dean Crocker after all he has done for the children of Maine, especially when even the great Richard Wexler himself, otherwise known as the Executive Director of the National Coalition of Child Welfare Reform, practically snuggles up to the man? The answer is simple. I and many other victims of Maine's Child Protective Services department have some very serious and legitimate complaints. There are too many people in Maine who have gone through the steps, attempted to go through to process only to get a polite letter from Mr. Crocker informing them that, "there's nothing we can do for you." No reason why, no help whatsoever, not even a pointing to any worthwhile resources. Nothing.

According to Dean's new Facebook page... (link in above paragraph)
The Maine Child Welfare Services Ombudsman is an impartial office which specializes in assisting people with resolving concerns and complaints with STATE of MAINE's Child Protective Services Department of DHHS.
While I'm sure that may be true in a very few cases in Maine, he was certainly no help in my case. Nor was he any help in many other cases where he should have been especially since this is unfortunately, the only place in Maine to go for help with such issues, especially if you can't afford the thousands upon thousands of dollars to pay for a good lawyer to drag it all out for you, and end up reliant on the state funded system sucks for help.

Let me give you a couple of examples.

A foster parent sexually molested my stepson. Mr. Crocker has been personally notified of this including in a phone conversation several years ago. "I'm sorry, there is nothing we can do."

When we met him for the first time in his group home, he was on 7 different psych meds, none of which he really needed. Response: "I'm sorry we can't help you."

A worker fabricated evidence and falsified documents. I had tons of proof, tons of evidence, including the testimonials and contact information of several professionals, court documents, etc. Mr. Crocker has been notified of this. No response.

My wife and I were thoroughly investigated by Maine's Department of Health and Human Services and determined to be excellent parents by one worker, in regards to my daughter, and only 4 weeks later her rights are terminated to her son because we were unfit parents. The worker who investigated us inregards to our daughter, (Stepson's worker wanted her removed at birth from the hospital), even testified on our behalf at the hearing. Termination was granted based on the judges statement in the paperwork that, "We already had enough on our plates with a new baby." Response from Maine Children's Ombudsman: "I'm sorry we can't help you."

Now, I have been in contact with many parents in Maine who have had dealings with Maine's National Model Child Welfare System. I have heard many stories of policy violations, fraud, wrongful removals, overzealous workers, rudeness, being treated like dirt, bounced around, placed in foster homes half way across the state, drugged up kids, separated siblings, etc. I know of many cases where the parents have tried to seek help from Maine's Children's Ombudsman with very legitimate complaints, only to receive the same responses, either none at all, or "I'm sorry we can't help you." This after filling out all the papers, providing all the proof and seriously attempting the process, all you get is nothing. Hell you can't even get the ball rolling with these people.

It just pisses me off. This asshole gets all the glory but does nothing for most if not all of the victims of Maine's Child Welfare System. Nothing! And believe me when I say that there is a need. Also, although I've been dealing with Maine's Child Welfare system off and on since 1996, and it was after several dealings with these people that I was finally mad enough to create Legally Kidnapped, when they were once again fresh in my mind only 4 years ago, and guess what, the Maine's Children's Ombudsman couldn't do a thing to help. So my personal complaints are well within the 10 year timeline that Maine has claimed to have improved so much.

Somewhere along the line I felt the need to inform the people of the very real problems that were being covered up by all of this, and thus you have Legally Kidnapped.

So don't let them fool ya. These people are phonies. Certainly not worthy of their claims or self-promoting hype. They sure are great at bragging though.

And Maine's Child Welfare system still sucks, just so you'll know. This I know for a fact.

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