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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hello Again Tortured Families,

Hello Again Tortured Families,

Thought I would update you all with some good news and some info about Durham CAS/Children's Aid Society in Ontario, Canada.

If know the name, you know the corruption level that oozes out of that place.

I recently took some advice to request my Son's POC/Plan of Care files for the entire time he has been in care as well as my CAS file. I have also instructed my Son to ask for his file. He is coming to live with me Mar 4, this year, finally, though I'm not celebrating that until he's in the know CAS.

I vocally requested this information from my son's worker, Jacquie Yeboah, then her supervisor, Carrie Shannon and then sent in a written email request to follow up in a week. I was granted both requests for my Son's POC file and my CAS file in writing.

I have just received the 8 years of POC files via purolator this morning and my CAS file is being "prepared"!

I am putting together a formal complaint about CAS, the workers that have been involved and the homes he's been in and this information is just so vital and legally ours to view! Everyone should request their files!

Push them to their legal limit! Turn their game around on them. Don't let them drown you in policies! They have to follow them too! For years they manipulated me and degraded me but since I started to push back legally, respectfully and CONSISTENTLY, I have made more progress than years of doing what CAS instructed.

Power to you! Thanks LK for having a place to put this!

Love and Light,


  1. i want to support your cause so i was womdering if i could put up flyers around my town and cps buildings letting people know about your blog. i live in rome ny and we have one of the worst cps workers around!email me at

  2. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Go to their supervisor! And if that doesn't work, go to THEIR supervisor! Just never stop till all the doors you can possibly open are shut tight.

    Good Luck, Light and Love!


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