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Sunday, January 23, 2011

By Anonymous

I had my daughter taken from me 3 and 1/2 years ago. I have had supervised custody, like a prisoner, after I reported sexual and physical abuse of my daughter while in her mothers custody by mothers 10 year old boy from previous relationship. My daughters mom lied to the judge claiming I am delusional since I was diagnosed bipolar. I have been stable 5 years now and my daughters mom keeps hindering evaluations ordered by the court and its been allowed. Please help. How can I regain custody. This is also discrimination. Any help is appreciated


  1. Social workers, their attorneys, and corrupt judges care about WINNING. Your case was likely weighed for its merits towards winning more than any other factor. Your bipolar will likely be used against you forever despite any gains in that respect. Your ex's merits beat you, she either knew how, or figured out how to use the CPS system to her advantage. The corrupt system will likely never let you change their victory. You lose. You lose forever, or for however long they can keep you down. Lying in the courtroom from social workers and/or family members is not uncommon. Evaluations are a vicious circle as well, one you are unlikely to overcome (this statement is based on my mentor's experience, who is 10 years ahead of me in family court; he was a pilot for United Airlines for 40 years and used the income from that career to fight his battle; he never won; if he cannot prevail, you are unlikely to prevail). Evaluations are designed to work against you (in family court), and in the event you get the exact evaluation that would substantiate your stability, the system would never let it be entered. All of this is my opinion. My recommendation to you would be to join an ever growing group of parents speaking out about such injustices. A movement has surfaced. You can find us on Facebook. I know your heartache well. Katherine Cherry

  2. Also- it is not uncommon that the parent who reports sexual abuse, to one's own children, is the party who loses custody. Why this happens is beyond me. But it is a commonality you will find over and over again in CPS corruption. This is also common among physcial abuse cases, although less common.

    You ask, "How do I regain custody?" We don't know. I have seen recent successes among those spending a half a million doing so, that's it. You state, "this is discrimination", you are correct. It was once done solely to men, now includes women, and most recently, CPS is no longer lacking taking children from distinguished couples, and I do mean Distinguished.

  3. Nanna1:25 AM

    "CPS" CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES! WHATEVER! The only thing that they are good at protecting is their own assess and they do that very well.I live in KCMO and unfortunately, my two precious grandsons are tied up in their ugly webs. hair test results that were tampered with took our two little guys away last May. The boys have been completely denied any contact from family however cps has not yet been successful with their tpr plan yet, thank god.
    These individuals who claim to be child welfare advocates are evil minded folks. They are sneaky, devious and down right mean spirited. They dont give a hoot how much pain that they are causing to innocent children or their families. There "mission" is supposed to be family reunification and preservation but i have yet to see where they even write those word! They cannot be trusted. They are not your friend!

  4. Nanna1:33 AM

    Dont ever let them convince you of anything that you dont believe , dont give up, dont give in and for God sakes dont ever stipulate! Not for anything or for any reason that they give you. they make it a habit to tell people all kinds of BS and promising them the world. The end result is always the same and more often than not, they succeed in destroying so many relationships. Enough is enough, we as parents have got to stand together in protest, stand together, united and demand Justice. Good luck to you. Remember, there is no protection from retaliation. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP


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