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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Social services stretched by increasing workload

Social services stretched by increasing workload

THE number of children being “looked after” by Suffolk County Council has jumped by nearly 10% in just 10 months – and the rise was yesterday blamed on the recession.

Note: According to the child protective industry, if you or your family falls victim to the recession, which was caused by the banks, then your children are at risk. If you can't find a job when there are none or if you are about to loose your home to foreclosure, or if your little piece of the American Dream has been ripped right out from under you during these tough economic times, for whatever reason, the Child Protective Industry is there to kick you when you're down.

Poverty is not child abuse and stress is often caused by external factors that are beyond your control. However, they're not looking to protect children from abuse or neglect. If they were, they'd be helping these families and I don't mean by relieving them of the financial burden of their children being in their care.

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