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Monday, May 31, 2010

My Nightmare With CPS

My Nightmare With CPS

Before I tell the story of my nightmare with CPS-- I must say that my appeal was unsuccessful. I recently received the mandate from the so called Washington State Appellate Court that my case has been completely closed and denied. Never mind the fact that my appellate attorneys repeatedly informed me throughout the appellate process that I had a "strong case". Never mind also the fact that they informed me repeatedly that they believed I was railroaded by CPS and family court. Never mind also the fact that my appellate attorneys informed me that-- if CPS can take your baby for the reasons it asserted, it seems that they can take any child for any reason. The Appellate Courts are as unjust as the 'trial courts' in this nation. I mock the term trial courts because it is more appropriate to refer to them as kangaroo courts... considering the lack of due process and justice for families.

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