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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mentally ill turn to e-therapy

Mentally ill turn to e-therapy

MENTALLY ill Australians are increasingly being diagnosed and treated online in virtual psychiatric clinics, without ever seeing a doctor.

Note: Perhaps these could be rigged and administered by child protection fraudsters to help strengthen their cases.


  1. Anonymous1:47 AM

    I suspect it would be better than going to one "their" doctors. The computer doesn't have reason to over diagnose nor is it afraid of jail or license loss. And it even looks like its better for the patient. Not only that, I'll bet appointments can be arranged around the client's schedule and and not the professional's, saving jobs. And frankly with most the psychiatrists being pill pushers,it can't be any worse.

  2. If we really feel that something is going wrong with us and that we need some extra help, we must think of the options we have to overcome the problem. I know that there are different beliefs when it comes to psychology, and one´s got to choose the one we feel more comfortable with. I think that Cognitive therapy is of great help and that has already shown good results in other people. I decided to try it and it really worked for me. I wanted to express my experience and opinion.
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