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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Family's case illustrates SRS dilemma

Family's case illustrates SRS dilemma

Since 2004, a Wichita father has contended that the state wrongly took his two daughters, then 14 and 8, and put them in foster care for several months.

Things got worse when his 14-year-old daughter contracted a sexually transmitted disease twice and became pregnant while in foster care, he said.


  1. The state of Kansas says this case is highly exceptional.

    I would like the blogmaster to comment on that question. Is this a rare occurrence, or is it all too common?

    Does the blog have a file of like cases that have come up? Is there an ongoing sorting process to bolster positions on the various sides of such issues?

    Would it be useful to have categories where posters could contribute evidence supporting one position or other?

  2. That would be the standard response, "this is an isolated incident." However, SRS figures (reported by SRS) indicate an ongoing problem of substantial scope and depth. The District Attorney in Sedgewick Co. admits that the figures submitted by SRS grossly underreport the full number of actual incidents.

    The State Legislature is fully aware that this is a huge problem. . .Senate Minority leader, Anthony Hensley in particular. The post audit report of 2006 ignores, excuses, and brushes off concerns with the same "isolated incident" excuse. The legislature couldn't care less.

    Check out copies of reports and history of this problem at the Citizens-for-change website. Check out national info at the website for nccpr (National Coalition for Child Protection Reform).

    This thing has been growing in scope since the privitization of foster care nationally. Federal subsidies have inflamed an already "broken" system. And the Courts?. . .ah, sigh. . .don't even get me started.

    Oh, and Governor Sebelius? She knows about this also. . .but, it does tend to contradict her campaign slogan, "Kansas is a great place to raise children." I guess she means that it's a great place for the STATE to raise YOUR children.


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