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Sunday, August 04, 2019

I’m a Mom Fighting for Custody — & the Parents Giving it Up for College Aid Make Me Sick

A group of Illinois parents has been in the news recently for taking advantage of a legal loophole in order to get their kids college financial aid: The parents are giving up custody of their kids in order to game the system. As a mom who’s currently engaged in a difficult custody battle of my own, these parents are rubbing salt in my wounds. Not only are they taking for granted the very thing that so many of us parents fight long and hard for — custody of our children — but they are relinquishing it in order to get financial breaks they don’t deserve.

Similar to the college admissions scandal a few months ago — during which rich Hollywood parents used bribery to get their not-necessarily-deserving kids into college — here we are again, faced with the sobering reality of class warfare. But how did we get here? How did college admission and aid become a war? Why can’t the privileged check themselves and give the financial assistance to vulnerable families who truly need it?

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  1. Hi I am going through a horrible battle to get my 10 year old back . I raised him while I was a single mom for 8 years because his father chose to be absent in our lives. I am going through real life hell and every day is agonizing not knowing when I'll be able to have my only child in my life that has already said he cries for me because he misses me. If you need someone to talk to even to release you can talk to me . I am here. I understand how real this pain is


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