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Saturday, July 27, 2019

‘Foster dad begged for custody of girl, 7, he said was in danger then raped her’

Eric Schrecengost, 37, was arrested Tuesday in Keizer, Oregon for allegedly raping and sexually abusing the girl. The Oregon Department of Human Services and Child Welfare placed the girl in Schrecengost’s custody last year after he filed a motion for temporary custody due to immediate danger.

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  1. Harm to children is what cps does the most. Rape child just another day for bloodmoney worker

  2. CPS IS SO STUPID!!!������ All for profit, not giving a dam about our kids!!!!

  3. I am so sick of CPS and their ignorance!😠, they are in it for profit ONLY! They don't give a dam about the kids!!

  4. I have proof of the state of Oregon being a rocket of children if you look up title 45 part 46 of the cfr's you'll see that it's a bunch of bulshit federal regulations were there allowed in the f****** legal kidnapping it's b******* it's all bulshit and I also have the plan Oregon State Plan who they're targeting what it consist of who all is involved and it revolves all around Federal funding reimbursements it's the Oregon Statewide children's wraparound approach initiative it's the steering committee's report report to Governor Ted krulikowski December 2007


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