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Monday, July 22, 2019

850 Teddy Bear Vigil July 21 2019

A Teddy Bear Vigil was held at the Edmonton Alberta Legislative Building Steps. Each bear represented a fallen child due to the negligence of the Child and Family Services.  We are making changes and our children of tomorrow will be still here thanks to Keri and Velvet taking lead in starting a new cycle of methods that work for all families and would not tear apart, but provide all the supports necessary to achieve the level of parenting all want to see.  Taking children away from their homes in most of these cases as you will see will upset most of us and want to go home and give our babies hugs and kisses and remind them how important they are to us and our futures.  Love your family, Please click on the link to the Petition. Thank you for all who took part today and those who couldn't make it sent their prayers! Almost 7,000 Signatures! Let's make it to 10,000!

Thank you!

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