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Friday, May 11, 2018

CPS is up my ass again.

Well here we go again.

Monday May 7th...

As many of you who are my friends on Facebook know, this past Monday, May 7th I was reported to CPS by two school social workers, one of which looks like Janice from the Muppet's and the other who is just a low life piece of shit CPS rat.  At this point I am not stating their names, but that may change depending on how this all goes.

The accusation is as follows....
I grabbed my daughter by the arm and threatened to hit her.  
The threatening to hit her part is bullshit.  That is not true.  Nor has my daughter ever been spanked or hit by myself or her mother.  The grabbing her by the arm part was necessary to get her out of a situation where she was making a scene in a public place in front of a lot of people and only because she refused to leave on her own.

And she had been grounded for locking herself in her counselors office.

At this point I should probably give a little background info.

I have a 15 year old daughter who is special needs.  She is very smart but has severe behavioral issues.  She has been known to get violent and can have an emotional meltdown on the drop of a dime.  Starting at age 9, West School in Portland, which is what is called a Day Treatment Program for special needs kids, was putting her into physical restraints on a near daily basis.  Although the restraints have stopped, she still exhibits all kinds of behaviors.

The school is well aware of how she can be and we really did have a good relationship until this past Monday.  Now... I'm fucking pissed.  They know damn well she is NOT abused.  They know damn well she can go off on a dime.  They know damn well that she her emotional meltdowns can go from 0 to 60 in a split second.  And they know damn well that according to her it's all their fault.

So moving forward.

On Tuesday May 8th...

I had a meeting with the school to complain about the social workers who made the report and to explain to them that I can not work with them and help them to deal with the behaviors that they are well aware of it it is going to turn into a child abuse investigation every time I turn around.  Complaints will also be made against their professional licenses with the state.

On Wednesday May 9th...

PJ Miles
PJ Miles (Patricia) from
Kidspeace Maine
The report was screened out and sent to Alternative Response.  That means that a fake CPS worker wanted to come and talk to me and my wife about the bullshit.  Unfortunately the ARS worker who was assigned to me was a man-hater or something from KidsPeace who goes by the name of P.J. Miles.  and within 30 seconds of this 2 minute conversation she was accusing me of verbal aggression and trying to bully her over the phone because I told her that I was not interested in her services and not to show up at my kids school.  So I told her she was too stupid to work with me and then called and complained to her supervisor (who told me that her real name was Patricia and I was able to find her and steal her pic from facebook) set me up with another ARS worker who was much nicer.  I talked to this person for a few minutes, and agreed to meet with him, my daughters case manager, her JCCO (Juvenile Community Corrections Officer, ie her probation officer) both of whom are professionals who we have been working with for several months and who are very supportive of us as parents.  This meeting would take place Friday morning.

On Thursday May 10th...

A real CPS worker named Melicia or Menicia or whatever the fuck it is  calls me and says that she is taking over the case.  Apparently (based on my call to the supervisor at kidspeace again) that PJ Miles bitch kicked it back to DHHS before they could assign the new worker.  So this CPS worker will instead be attending the same meeting I already had scheduled.  Although there was no real discussion of anything, the schools have been notified not to allow any babystealers access to my children without a court order.  The Reverse Miranda is in place.  The CPS worker also agreed not to show up at the schools, but we know they lie.  That's why precautions are in place.

I have to add this.  When she called me it was cute.  After she introduced herself she tried to build rapport by sounding sympathetic and saying, "It sounds like you got a lot going on with this kid..."

I responded, "What do you want?"

I gave her no other information, and I'll know more in the morning.

To be continued...

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