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Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Can state child welfare services talk to kids without your consent? Depends on who you ask.

James Luster of Gulfport said he will never forget the events of Monday, Jan. 29. That was the day he learned he was being investigated by Mississippi Child Protective Services.

Luster denies the allegations and said they were “not true.”

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  1. Anonymous10:59 PM

    On 1/29/2018 I, James Luster, made contact with CPS from my employment regarding card left at residence. CPS response after contact was to meet at my home with my children at 300PM, to avoid interruption of academic setting, according to CPS. I arrived home to find my daughter, SPED student, and my step-daughter, whom is very sensitive, were both separately and privately interrogated by a large man alone. My 10 year old SPED daughter, AL, reported that she had to ask who this man was after she had been led to a solitary unlit room and door closed behind her, by an Anniston Avenue Elementary Employee, as she uncomfortably sat alone with him unidentified by anyone. He then took pictures of her as she innocently assumed that this was all okay because someone she knew allowed an unidentified man into a room and shut the door leaving her alone without even a familiar female companion. The same was also done to my step-daughter, AB. The school allowed for this man, without verifying his credentials and only accepting a “badge” that this would be okay for my 10 year old female SPED child to be left alone in a room with an unidentified man. This is a crime not just state and federal, but also international under so many laws that govern basic civil liberties. I understand CPS like so many other Agencies in the world have a job to do, I also understand that my final resort call on 1/31/2018, after being railroaded by CPS and Gulfport School, to the FBI reveals the liability of the school for allowing this to happen to a child under their care and for CPS conducting and depriving my child of her most basic and fundamental rights protect by municipal, state, federal, and international law.


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