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Monday, October 09, 2017

Paying for the 60's Scoop - LK Report for 10/9/17

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Canada has described a deal to compensate thousands of indigenous victims of forced adoptions as a step forward. But some have criticized the move, saying the amount is "disappointing" after decades of forced removals.

More >> 'Sixties Scoop': Canada agrees to compensate forcibly-adopted indigenous people

Dr. Lanre Falusi knows firsthand the anxiety families face when the future of their child’s health insurance is in jeopardy. A pediatrician at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C., Dr. Falusi recently had a routine visit from a seven-year-old patient with asthma. For the last few months this little girl has been fairly stable thanks to her daily controller and rescue medication covered through D.C.’s Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). But she often has tough winters and her mother was trying to plan ahead having heard CHIP’s future funding was uncertain. “That was her question: ‘If I don’t know if she’s going to have insurance, can I get a prescription for extra medication and save it just in case?’ . . . She was in crisis planning mode for her daughter’s health and she wanted to stockpile the medication. It was really disconcerting to me that that’s what we’re asking parents to start doing. States are dealing with an incredible amount of uncertainty about their funding – and maybe they are used to doing that – but the fact that we’re asking families now to do that around their children’s health is inappropriate and unconscionable to me.”

More >> Congress Is Holding CHIP And Children Hostage

A five year old Christian girl who was removed from her Muslim foster family was in “warm and appropriate care”, a court heard on Monday.

Known as AB in court, the child was placed into the care of a Muslim family, attracting media attention amid allegations that she was made to speak Arabic and remove her crucifix.

More >> Christian foster child “misses” foster carers, new report claims

The Board of Supervisors voted this week to formally appoint a new director to run Los Angeles County’s child welfare agency.

Bobby Cagle, the director of the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services, will take office Dec. 1.

More >> Shakeup at County DCFS

PETALING JAYA: When Nizha (not her real name) was assigned to live with foster parents after spending most of her 18 years at welfare department homes, she thought that her life would change for the better.

However, she found it had become worse as she spent two years being abused and treated like a slave by the couple, who were both medical doctors.

“Living with my foster family after coming out of the welfare home turned out to be more painful than being thrown out by my original family when I was young,” she said.

More >> Former welfare child recalls slave-like abuse at foster home

Rochester, N.Y. — We are now hearing from a former Monroe County Child Protective Services worker who said she resigned in part because of the death of Brook Stagles.

More >> CPS worker says she resigned in light of Brook Stagles' death

The union representing social workers in Nova Scotia says employees are being overworked and facing burnout on the job.

According to the Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union (NSGEU), child protection social workers are dealing with unmanageable workloads.

More >> N.S. child protection social workers overworked, facing burnout: union

GRAFTON—One woman is behind bars, following an investigation the past week.

Jaymi McIe, 34, of Grafton, has been charged with felony concealment of a minor child from a custodian, following an investigation and search on October 3.

More >> Woman arrested after concealing minor in state’s care

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. (CBS12) — A employee with the Department of Children and Families is facing charges of falsifying records in a child abuse investigation.

More >> DCF worker accused of falsifying records in child abuse probe

Authorities are investigating after a child died in hospital after drowning at a Jay foster care nonprofit's property.

Four-year-old Isabella Lee Gamez died Oct. 1, three days after she was found at the bottom of the pool at My Father's Arrows.

More >> DCF investigating after child drowns at Jay foster care nonprofit

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