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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Police: Man threatened lives of Social Services, government workers

Police: Man threatened lives of Social Services, government workers

A Howell County man has been charged with terroristic threatening after, authorities say, he effectively threatened the lives of Social Services employees over an investigation into the health and well-being of two children in his care that resulted in the children being taken by state workers.


  1. Very strange... The link now reads, "forbidden"... There appears to be no way to return to the story, yet an image remains bottom corner of article:

  2. I followed the link and was able to read the story, but it now appears to be offline.
    When it was visible, frankly, my thoughts were this: I do not see where the man made any threats constituting grounds for terrorism. It appears, from the article, he likened authorities to evil persons and resulting antics with that of genocide. Those are matters of OPINION and albeit, wishing that someone might die may constitute a hostile/angry statement, there was no utterance of intent to personally cause harm.
    The man had his children removed, he is apt to be upset and worried. Statements farmed off his Facebook page are seemingly being blown out of proportion and taken out of context.

    1. Anonymous1:37 AM

      They came to my home threatening me and my husband about sexual assault or direct abuse of my children because my child had a bruise the inside of her thigh and on her vagina. I woke never do anything to hurt my kids and never would my husband. I would really appreciate it if people would not look at this story and think of us as bad people because everone has their own problems and I would never think of you as a bad person just because you are having bad luck. Just because my husband stated anything he did because we love our kids and don't want anything to ever happen to them don't mean that we don't love our kids and that we wouldn't do anything for them! I Will do everything possible for my family .


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