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Monday, April 06, 2015

Overdue child protection investigations soar in six months

Overdue child protection investigations soar in six months

THE number of overdue child protection investigations within the embattled Department of Children and Families has soared to more than 1300 in just six months.

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  1. Anonymous3:58 PM

    children suffer, the parents suffer AND these bs artists CONTINUE TO RAKE IN THE MONEY and then some.
    oooooh how vicious I AM as some will CRY how over freekin worked they are.
    IF THERE WERE AN AUTHENTIC LEGAL SYSTEM, the children would be examined immediately in an ER or certified urgent care with the law enforcement and PARENT present as well-and CASES EITHER DISMISSED ON THE SPOT OR PURSUED via LAW ENFORCEMENT not a bunch of BS ARTISTS.
    CLOSE THEM DOWN and the remedy IS an authentic LEGAL SYSTEM, immediate exams,immediate DOCUMENTATION of abuse or NO ABUSE and let's MOVE ON.
    most likely the AMOUNT of nonexisting cases of abuse/bs reports/vindictive reporting WOULD DROP--same for the NEED FOR FOSTER CARE.

    close them down.


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