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Thursday, April 30, 2015

The mother who was praised by America for beating her kid during National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Where is CPS when you need them?

Baltimore Mom Toya Graham's Son-Smacking During Riot a ‘Teachable Moment’

Which suggests that there are times when it's okay to hit your kids?  Why, that goes against everything that the Child Abuse Prevention People stand for or against.   Where do we draw the line?

I personally would suggest that this mother, Toya Graham, is perfectly justified.  The kid was acting like a thug, destroying property, computing crimes and probably hurting people.  He probably deserved a lot worse than what mom did to him.

The feminazi's would not agree however.
I want to be clear that I’m not angry so much with Toya Graham as I am with white America’s reaction to her actions. Toya Graham did what she felt she had to in a difficult situation. That doesn’t make it right (it wasn’t), but it does make it understandable. White America, on the other hand, has created a situation where black parents feel they have to beat their children to protect them from white violence, to the extent that violence like Toya’s is in some sense an extension of white violence—and then white America praises this violence. 
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And as usual, Libby Ann here is as full of shit as a Christmas turkey.  She seems to think that this is an extension of the slaves beating the children in front of the white masters, and to save him from the horrific punishment's that "white violence" would bring upon him 150 years ago.  

It has absolutely nothing to do with a loving mom wanting her kid to grow up right.  It has nothing to do with the fact that the kid was acting like a criminal and engaging in criminal activity.  Nope, she hit him.  That is abuse.  CPS needs to take him away, throw him in foster care and drug him into compliance because there is never any good reason to hit your child.  (Most people don't have a clue what happens to these kids in CPS care and think it's a better place.)

F****** idiots.  If more mom's would stand up like that we wouldn't have half the problems with these punks that we do.  Perhaps if Freddy Gray's mom was like this he never would have ended up in police custody that day.  No of course not, what am I saying.  He would have probably ended up in foster care.

What a way to end National Child Abuse Propaganda Month though.  With a perfectly justifiable child beating.

You go Mom!  You raise that boy right.

'I Don't Want Him To Be A Freddie Gray': Baltimore Mom Who Scolded Son For Rioting Speaks Out

And neither would any other parent in America.

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  1. Haven't heard yet whether CPS is investigating this mom for child abuse.


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