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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Finally One Of My Annual Exposing National Child Abuse Propaganda Month Bullshit Posts

Here is an article about the pinwheels for National Child Abuse Propaganda Month, which they're probably selling off to the bleeding hearts as a fundraiser.
Here's the problem.
  • The 437 blue and silver pinwheels, which are the national symbols for child abuse and neglect prevention, represent the 437 reported and investigated cases in Medina County for 2014.
Here's the reason this is a problem.
More than four-fifths of the investigations or assessments determined that the child was not a victim of maltreatment, with the following dispositions: 58.0 percent unsubstantiated, 9.7 percent no alleged maltreatment, 10.7 percent alternative response nonvictim,3 1.5 percent closed with no finding, 0.7 percent “other,” and 0.2 percent intentionally false. 
This is from the Child Welfare Information Gateway's: Child Maltreatment 2012: Summary of Key Findings, Page 2 which can be accessed here.  
Now lets do the math.  (calculations are approximate based on national findings and the law of averages)

4/5ths = 80%

80% of 437 = 349 cases where the investigation determined that the child was not the victim of maltreatment.  This leaves: 437-349=88 cases that were.

Now 88 substantiated cases doesn't look nearly as bad, or rather emotionally captivating as the number 437, does it.  Therefore they are fluffing the numbers to try to make the problem appear worse than it actually is.

Now try convincing the stupid people of this.

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