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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Maine child abuse cases spike more than 50 percent

Note: DHHS is on a fear mongering campaign designed to increase the federal dollars coming into the state for services provided to stolen children. This would give lots of work to lawyers, shrinks and private agencies who profit from child abuse. There is no more child abuse in Maine than there was 3 years ago when Maine was celebrating it's national model child welfare system status. There are just more teachers and doctors reporting every little scrape on the knee and more media attention focusing on the end result instead of that which could actually kelp kids.

And Dr Lawrence Ricci from Spurwink is a fraud. His livelihood revolves around this kind of stuff.

Maine child abuse cases spike more than 50 percent

New statistics show an alarming trend in our state and now experts are trying to figure out  why child abuse cases are skyrocketing in Maine.

Note: Notice they had to go back two years to find a case horrible enough to demonstrate their point.

And only one year earlier Maine was considered a national model child welfare system.


  1. Maine DCYF is getting more like NH DCYF. Least little scrape, DCYF is called. I guess ANNA the Homewrecker is a bad influence over Maine DCYF!

  2. This is true they have neglected their job titles they hold just for funding refuse to protect child they have no honesty and loyalty to them self and their job they are now apart of wrong doing in case that perjury just to make dollar should lose their license for their part in braking laws


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