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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Man goes to prison for threatening judge

Man goes to prison for threatening judge

A Manchester man will spend seven to 14 years in prison for threatening to kill a Derry family court judge.

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  1. Velvet Martin6:21 PM

    Should the roles be reversed and the man sentenced for uttering threats, instead, the individual responsible for segregation of the other man's child into - what may or may not be - an unfit environment, I wonder what his reaction might have been? Certainly hostility is the most natural human response to inhumane conditions; as with the case of disruption within parent-child bond. I cannot speak to the individual case, however, I have witnessed other heart-wrenching scenarios that belie explanation: Take, for example, the case of a baby who was apprehended and the child found dead 6 days later. The parent, a single mother, had done nothing amiss; simply had been in the wrong place at the wrong time - a roommate had been involved with child welfare authorities and unbeknownst upon discovery of the baby residing at the same residence, took the child into custody too. Police arrived late on the evening of the child's demise to inform the mother of her baby's death and in utter shock, she charged at the officer who demanded that behavior subside lest she be arrested. It is natural instinct for animals to protect their offspring against a predator - yet, humans are denied similar natural reflex of defense. Another situation that comes to mind involves a single parent with Multiple Sclerosis whose disease process was advancing so reached out to authorities for assistance only to be betrayed; instead of offering supportive help, was informed that the children would be adopted as resolution. It boggles the senses to view callous disregard of human emotion during times of undue crisis and hardship; but to punish victims further for displaying natural tendencies of grief, is to me, perhaps the most disturbing detachment reached within humanity.


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