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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

MPR Snippet- Lori Scribner (Grandmother)

Lori Scribner of Florida talks about her section 45 case in Michigan, where she is trying to get her grandchildren. This case is out of Michigan and demonstrates how hard it is for grandparents to adopt there own grandchildren.
----Could you include something about this in your news. Michigan is trying to traumatize these children more as Lori has gotten them to Florida, now Michigan wants them back. Of course if this case does go to the supreme court and Lori would win it could be a big victory for Grand parents. You may also include her video we shot from last year. People have said it is a tear jerker. Thank-you

Some of you are aware of the situation Lori Scribner is in with her 4 grandchildren. 

But, in case you are not.......Lori lives in Florida and the grandchildren lived in Michigan. Lori has been fighting for years to get her grandchildren, after Michigan asked her if she wanted them. She did everything she could to prove she was willing and able to care for these children, including but not limited to becoming a foster and buying a 5 bedroom home for them.

She fought for guardianship and adoption from the beginning and was denied by the lower trial court. The Court of Appeals reversed the lower court on the guardianship and ordered the children to be given to her. Last week, that took place by order of the lower court. Lori then flew the children to Florida and they are happy. 

The Michigan Assistant Attorney General has now requested that the lower court put a stay on the whole proceedings, so that it can go to the Supreme Court. Michigan has demanded the return of the children who are now being used as ping pong balls between Michigan and Florida. Lori has 72 hours to return them.

We need a huge calling to the Governor's office, the DHS/CPS Director and the AG's Office.

The most effective way to make contact is by FAX. But, if you cannot FAX......Please call and request these children be left where Michigan ordered them to Florida with their grandmother.

Governor Rick Snyder.........(517) 373-3400
(517) 335-6863 (FAX)

CPS Director Maura Corrigan.........(517) 373-2035
(517) 335-6101 (FAX)

Assistant Attorney General Dan Beaton.........(517) 373-7700
(517) 335-1152 (FAX)

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