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Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Adopted Son of Former President Ronald Reagan is an Idiot and Needs To Shut Up!!!

Michael Reagan: How I Overcame Child Abuse

Every 10 seconds in the United States, a call is made about a child being abused, but the laws "always seem to be helping the adults," — a trend Michael Reagan hopes to change.

Note: Michael Reagan is failing to realize that quite often best way to help abused or neglected kids is to help the parents to become better parents.  If, for example, a child is "abused or neglected" and that "abuse or neglect" is misunderstood poverty or stress that is due to the parents inability to make enough to pay for adequate food, housing, daycare, what have you, than it is much cheaper in the long run to help the parent provide adequate food, housing or daycare than it is to remove the kid and throw them into foster care or a children's shelter.  It's also better for the child.

It is really sad Mr Reagan is able to use his adopted fathers fame and notoriety as a springboard to launch his campaign against real parents who are having a hard time, as I do believe that Former President Reagan had a much kinder heart than that, and was a much wiser man who would have at least listened to both sides instead of jumping on the bandwagon of the System Sucks as their national spokesperson simply because he didn't get enough love and attention while growing up.

This is sadly just another case of the blind leading the blind and preaching misinformation which rallies the stupid to avoid doing the right thing.  It's also people like this who make our fight harder as these are the people that the System Sucks (those who profit from CPS) hide behind as they capture the spotlight while others run their little scam in the shadows.

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