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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Woman Who Fired at Detroit Police Returning to Court

Woman Who Fired at Detroit Police Returning to Court

The legal troubles continue Maryanne Godboldo.

Note: I think that they should just drop it, but since they won't here's where I think this should go.

The cops who got shot at were sucking up to CPS who were simply trying to destroy a family to force what was later proven to be the unnecessary drugging of a child, so f*** em.   They should consider themselves lucky that one of their own isn't laying there with their brains blown out all over the hallway of an apartment building and call it good.  But they want to just keep pushing the issue until eventually this mother, who was only trying to protect her child from unethical-child drugging babystealers, and has already proven how far she will go to protect her child, finally snaps and takes at least one of these dumbasses (who just can't let it go) out.

Oh, and I"m probably going to be considered the bad guy for saying that as these idiots are so good at twisting words and accuse me of advocating for violence against CPS and CoPS.

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