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Friday, May 24, 2013

The Waiting Game

It's not uncommon for newby foster parents to wait around by the phone hoping and praying for a little baby to be abused or neglected so he or she can be removed from their parents and so that they can get their hooks into it, but a long term baby stealing social worker who recently became a licensed foster parent?  

The Waiting Game
So, being patient is one of those things I have always prided myself on. I don't mind waiting in lines, I enjoy walking at the pace of toddlers, and I'm a social worker for heaven sake! 
Patience is my thing.  
Until I became a licensed foster parent.
Then I became a neurotic, phone watching, craigslist stalking, toy buying, room rearranging, clothes hoarding, luntatic. 
I hate to shit in your flat hat Rachael, but your phone not ringing off the hook begging you to take in all the cute little starved, beaten and shaken babies is a good thing.  It means that child abuse substantiations are down and that they're not desperate for foster homes.

BTW, I am forced to leave this comment here because I am blocked from leaving it there.

She hates me. ;)

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