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Friday, December 14, 2012

LK Announcement

This is just a heads up.

Due to my being fed up with my current internet service provider, Time Warner Cable, which has not only added new fees over the last couple months and implemented new policy changes without notifying customers ahead of time this month, as well as the sheer arrogance of the bitch at the local office who mistakenly applied one of my recent payments to another account causing me a major headache that I had to deal with, my beautiful wife and I have decided to switch ISP's.  I have signed up for a reliable DSL service, which will give me the same internet speed that I have now at just above 1/3rd of the monthly price which is locked in for 4 years.  This new service will be active as of December 20th.

I am well aware that Cable is usually better than DSL, but for a savings of like almost $50 bucks a month, I'll deal with it.  And since 3 of my friends who I talked to have had no problem with this service, I'm sure everything will be okay.  However, I am considering taking a few days off to avoid any future payments to Time Warner Cable, who sucks to deal with.  I will take this time to spend with my family, go see the Hobbit, avoid getting even fatter than I already am since I am on like day 4 of quitting a 2+ pack a day chain smoking habit, etc.  So IF I disappear for a couple days, please do not worry.  I will be back, hopefully refreshed and healthier.

Peace, Love and Flowers


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  1. Miss you already LK. Enjoy your break my friend :)


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