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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Maine needs more federal funding - so they're gearing up to snatch more kids!

OUR OPINION: Did systemic flaws contribute to infant's death?

The Department of Health and Human Services has good reasons to keep its records secret, but like all good rules, this one should have its exceptions.

Note: Yes folks!  The anti-parent Rhetoric is heating up in the great state of Maine.  One high profile child death is about to lead to pure hell for lots of innocent parents.  One product of Maine's Foster Care System falls through the cracks on a day he didn't take his meds for PTSD which was due to his being molested by "different foster parents."  Because of this one case, all the System Sucks are crawling out from under their rocks, wondering if Maine's reform efforts over the last ten years has gone a little too far in trying to keep children in their homes.  Never mind the fact that this product of Maine's foster care system came out of it all fucked up and this is clearly nothing normal even for less than perfect parents.  Everybody must suffer!

Just a little more info as to the way things are going in Maine these days...

The state's governor hates the poor even in a struggling economy!  The Governor has cut funding to the programs that help to keep children safe in their homes!  Yes folks!  This is the same Governor who wants the NAACP to kiss his butt!  And this total ass of a governor now suggests that the pendulum has swung the wrong way and the state is not quick enough to remove and too quick to return Maine's stolen children. And yes folks, the state gets federal dollars for every kid they take into their foster care system.

Governor Paul LePage, I think that your daddy must have hit you in the head a little too hard, one too many times.  You should  not mess with that which you clearly have no understanding of.

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  1. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Clearly Gov. LePage does not see the value of "Parents" nor "Family Preservation". He was a victim and now we must all pay. I would much perfer since he was a victim of violence he go to counciling and deal with those left childhood emotions. Clearly they are getting in the way of decision making.
    Didn't see this coming.


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