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Saturday, April 21, 2012

SystemSuckology: Understanding Child Abuse Propaganda Month - Part 3: You Can Help Support Child Welfare Fraud

IN order to enhance my understanding of the mentality that parents who are victims of CPS are up against, I've been spending some time with the Anti-Abuse mob on Facebook, mostly in this one particular group that I was added to called "Stop Abusing Your Children", which is run by a self proclaimed anti-child abuse activist named Stacy, who is apparently married to the former host of a
Nickelodeon game show.

As of this evening, and I honestly didn't expect to last this long, I am proud to say that I have officially been booted and blocked simply for sticking up for all of you, the falsely accused, those who have lost your kids for frivolous reasons, those of you who have fallen victim to the cruel and unjust system that destroys the children they are claiming to protect.

Immediately following my being booted the following message was posted, which BTW, I was not supposed to see.

In my own self defense, I do not protect child abusers, I fight for family rights.  However, giving credit where credit is due, I gotta say this was quite the learning experience.  Never have I come across such a blind group of parent haters in my life, except when reading foster parent blogs of course.  In fact, I don't think I've ever really paid nearly as much attention to these anti-abuse people or their message as I should have.  I tried to be polite and offer them a little education regarding child welfare fraud, and was met with the same delusional message repeated over and over again.  Now really, they're all just people fighting for a cause that they believe in with a simple lack of understanding as to the harm the system causes, so they demand that the world do more.  For example, immediately remove a child upon an accusation.  In fact they wouldn't even consider another view.

According to these people, you are all child abusers because CPS has come into your life.  You are all monsters who must have done something wrong to deserve CPS taking your kids away.  And her website (which has had 340 whole visitors already as of the writing of this post, has an empty calendar of events during Child Abuse Propaganda Month no less, is completely lacking in any factual or educational information with the exception of the copy and paste regurgitated bullshit that you'll see on every other anti-child abuse related site, and you can even buy a t-shirt through their CafĂ© Press store), and her public service announcement which is supposed to somehow display her dedication to the cause, as well as perhaps revitalize her acting career although I'm sorry to say I've never heard of her before but she was a hottie back in the day.   

As for the rest of the group, it seems as if so many of these people were so effectively moved by the Casey Anthony trial, so much so that we have a whole new wave of misguided, wanna-be champions for children to contend with, who all got their education on the child abuse issue from the horrible child abuse stories they post to this group, Dr Phil or any of the rest of the talking heads on the television anti-child abuse bandwagon.  In fact, in nearly every debate that I've had with these people, they brought up the name as if every abused child on the planet suffered the same fate as Caylee Anthony.  The reason is due to the continuous bombardment of news stories or talk show drama queens jumping on the now high profile name to increase their ratings, which in turn becomes society's whole education on the child abuse and neglect issue. 

To take my analysis a step further, I might add that a lot of the anti-child abuse advocates that are popping up on Facebook, are middle to upper class stay at home mom's with nothing better to do except sit around criticizing parents who they deem unworthy.  Some are total emotion junkies who thrive of the feeling of disgust that they get when they see another not parenting up to their standards.  They will be the first to call the child abuse hotline and all with the understanding that CPS simply helps to protect children from Abuse or Neglect.  They know nothing of the fraud, the pain, the suffering, the consequences that sometimes befall the victims of false accusations or self-righteous hypocrisy.  The rest are "Survivors" meaning children who grew up after being "abused" including one gay anti-bullying activist who even claims to have been raped in a public rest-room by the serial killer John Wayne Gacy, and who many years later, is now coming to terms with the fact that he is a pussy who was beat up by his brother, but could offer no information whatsoever on the issue. 

Their goal is to blindly empower CPS, lock up every offending parent for life, because every child who falls under the category of being abused or neglected has been raped, has broken bones, bruises over 90% of their bodies or has fallen victim to some other horrific tragedy like the extreme case they saw on TV, like the Nixmary Brown case. 

So I pointed out to them the fact that some cases are different and should be handled differently. 

They simply didn't understand and went off on the typical rant preaching all the extremes which are rare by the standards of what CPS usually sees when they investigate a family, including death, broken bones, half starved kids, etc.  I was once even forced to use the following example: "A parent who is charged with child abuse for slapping the teenager across the face for telling her to go fuck herself is not nearly as bad as the parent who beat the baby to within an inch of its life because it wouldn't stop crying."  Of course, the first response I got was, "You should never slap a kid in the face," and we had to work to move beyond that into why I should use a hypothetical example to demonstrate a point which any even remotely intelligent person could consider.

They simply don't understand.  They are sold on the child abuse horror stories.

They don't understand the trauma that a child suffers from being removed from the only world they've ever known.  They don't understand the concept of helping families to better care for their kids.  They don't understand that most kids do not thrive in foster care.  Their solution is to empower CPS, the courts, the agencies, what have you, with no understanding of the harm that this could cause.  Their understanding is that every parent who is ever reported to the hotline is a horrible monster who must have done something wrong or else that call would not have been made.  They don't have a clue that the system sucks have learned how to make tons of money off of these kids.  They are simply pushing an empty message with extremist solutions which will simply inflate the number of kids being removed from their homes if taken seriously.  Their solutions will inflate the prison population with parents who could be helped.  Their solutions will rob all parents of any right to raise their kids the way they see fit, and impose their perfect ways upon us all. 

The fact of the matter is that foster care should be an absolute last resort, and only when the kid has no other options.  However, as you will see next month, (May is National Foster Parent Appreciation Month), this is not the way things are done, and this is not the message that will be given.  Instead, we'll see the few success stories while none of the failures are mentioned.  You'll see the foster parent recruitment campaigns heat up, and the awards dinners for foster parent of the year, with all the honor and glory in the world, without consideration of the fact that many of the kids are being passed around through the system like unwanted puppy dogs.  

So what it all comes down to is that we have large groups of clueless bandwagon jumpers looking for self meaning, all moved by some tear jerker on TV, ganging up on the poor and imperfect who couldn't possibly afford to live up to their standards, all thinking as one and preaching the same empty message in absence of truth or fact, that we must stop child abuse while offering no viable solutions except for increasing the number of calls to the hotline or police and locking up every offending parent for life, regardless of what they did or didn't do.

I should also mention, that the court of public opinion usually automatically assumes guilt, and these people are no exception to this generalization.  This particular aspect of the message is reinforced when they use the largest available number to make an impact on the seriousness of the issue, such as the number of calls to the hotline vs. the number of investigated cases where child abuseor neglect was substantiated.  A call automatically equates to guilt in these people's minds. 

The real problem with all of this is that there are a lot more of them then there are of those of who do have an understanding of this problem.  They're also much louder than anybody with half a clue.  Yet they're sold on an exaggerated message which is sold to them by those who are raking in the cash through all of the Child Abuse Propaganda Month fundraising efforts as well as the grant money, money from the states or feds or private donations.

And there you have the Imperialistic Morality Parade in a nut shell.



  2. Shared.
    I don't think I have laughed so much at any of your bloggs ever, so well stated. I have applied to join the group and give a bit of lip and post a few vids until they block me also. Excellent blog LK>

  3. It wasn't meant to be funny. That was actually a very serious post.

  4. Anonymous8:57 PM

    thank you LK.


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