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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Couple must give up adopted child

Couple must give up adopted child

A James Island couple who raised a little girl from her birth more than two years ago must deliver her to her biological father this afternoon because of a 1978 law that applies to Native American children.

Note: What a way to start off the new year, eh?

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  1. Anonymous3:50 PM

    This is just one example of how irresponsible backwards and sick this liberal virtue turned vice concoction called the Family Court System is now and has been for many many years. The truth is they couldn't care less about the welfare of children. They care about money. And people will pay out there entire life savings for their children.

    So where was this guy for the last two years while all of these adoption proceedings were ongoing. You can't tell me he had no knowledge. He just didn't care. Now suddenly there is some benefit financial or other wise for him to come forward and they just hand the child to him.

    It's beyond sick, its beyond criminal and every single one of these sick demented brainless bastards should be lined up and executed, and the bill for the bullets should be sent to their families.

    best interest of the child MY ASS!
    That child will be dead inside a month you watch. Where is CPS NOW!!!!


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