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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Now here's a scary thought.

Lets talk politics for a minute here.

Is Michele Bachmann the brightest bulb in GOP race?

Michelle Bachmann, as a former foster parent, is a total bought and sold System Suck who uses her former status as a foster parent as proof and justification of her holier than thou existence and her morally righteous path that should be forced upon the rest of us.

I'm sorry, but I'm one who lost all faith in government a long time ago. That was based on personal experience with agencies like the child protective industry, and people like this being representative of the powers that be, honestly helps to reinforce that lack of faith.

Honestly, what do you think the teabaggers are gonna do when after they cut welfare to shit and their taxes go up because the foster care rates double because of the sudden increase in hungry and homeless kids. Remember, in the minds of people like this, Poverty = Neglect.

What do you think their suggestions will be?

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