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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Community invited to plant pinwheels as abuse awareness

Community invited to plant pinwheels as abuse awareness

"Each of the 647 pinwheels we'll plant represents a 'voice' for a child, someone who spoke out against abuse or neglect," states Terrie Robinson, Placement Services coordinator, in a press release. "It's a powerful symbol that also reflects the number of investigations our agency conducted in 2010."

Note: "Reflects the number of investigations." Not the number of substantiated cases of child abuse or neglect mind you, as that would drop the numbers by what 70/80% taking a chunk out of the dramatic effect that they're trying to achieve by creating a field of pinwheels in an ever growing pile of bullshit, where ever growing numbers of innocent parents are forced over for their state sponsored anal probes by people who are claiming to be the Champions of Children.

Child Abuse Propaganda Month begins in 2 days. You should all be joining in on the fun. You should get out there and protest these events that give rise to the appearance that things are worse than they actually are. Instead, you'll all be sitting there taking it like a bitch while pissing and moaning on Facebook.

Me? I'm just gonna keep on a chippin away at their public image. Because they suck.

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