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Friday, October 29, 2010

Mum-to-be begs: Let me keep my baby

Mum-to-be begs: Let me keep my baby

A MUM-TO-BE who has been told her baby will be taken into care by social services as soon as it is born is begging for a chance to keep it.

Note: Great Brittan's obsession with the Baby P screw-up has spilled over onto innocent parents, who are having their children snatched left and right for the most frivolous reasons imaginable. The parents of the UK should all band together and take out a few of these agencies. And they would be morally justified in doing so, because the world really doesn't need any of these sadistic f***'s telling us how to raise our children or deciding for some bullshit reason that we're not worthy of having anything to do with our own families.

What my buddy Wiiilbur has to say is just as valid over there as it is over here.

Also, any parent victim of the British Child Protective Industry who has had their newborn snatched from the hospital at birth, who would like to have the babystealer exposed for the fake, fraud, and sadistic sub-human that he/she/it is or would like to have your story told, please send me the info, anything you got, and it will be published here on Legally Kidnapped.

Confidentiality laws help them to cover their tracks. And it's time Big Brother gets put in her place.

Never give up and never shut up. After all, what else do you have to loose?

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