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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How to piss off a blogger,

To all of my beloved readers. I have got to tell you of my experience over the last couple days.

It all started this past Sunday morning when I opened up my email, and see 13 purchase conformations from my PayPal account for a total of $513 dollars worth of iTunes movie downloads. Thinking these may have been spoof emails, I immediately logged into my PayPal account to see that in fact $513 dollars was in fact charged to my PayPal account for purchases that I did not make through iTunes, which, btw, I haven't even used since February of 2009 for a couple of free downloads.

I have got to say, thanks to the wonderful security team over at PayPal, as well as the people at my bank, I have lost absolutely nothing, my accounts are secure, all funds have been returned to me within 48 hours, and it is now between PayPal and However, as was suggested to me by my boy at PayPal, who BTW, was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, courteous and showing genuine concern for my problem, and eager to take action to prevent any further fraudulent activity through my PayPal account, I contacted, or rather attempted to make contact with the right people at iTunes.

However, what I encountered at iTunes was the most complete bunch of useless fucking morons in a call center in Huston Texas, that I have personally ever encountered. If I had a dime for every time one of those assholes told me that, "There's nothing that we can do about it at this point," I would have been able to repay my bank for all 13 of those fraudulent transactions, and a weeks worth of gas and groceries.

When calling iTunes at the number provided on the iTunes website, which is 1-800-MyApple or rather 1-800-692-7753, there was nobody to help you disable the account, nobody to help you to block future fraudulent transactions, nobody to report fraudulent activity to. You see, iTunes doesn't actually offer phone support, and the reason for that is that apparently so many people have been hit with this, according to this article from PC World, that iTunes can't keep up.

No, what these idiots who can't help you tell you to do is send an email to the iTunes security team, and within 24 to 72 hours, they will get back to you via email, after they review the account they will get back to you with an email explaining what they will do for you. So, after my like 20th phone call to 1-800-MyApple, after they charged $513 dollars of fraudulent transactions to my paypal account, which ultimately hit my bank account, a day after I put a block on that, there was damn well somebody who was going to deal with this issue or they were going to get me into contact with the right people, whatever. So they put me through to somebody who answers the phone in French, and was just as stupid as the rest of them. Me no speako elFrencho la-dipshito! Get it?

Some iTunes Store accounts may have been hacked

iTunes Sucks! But at least Steve Jobs provides employment to useless fucking idiots, some of whom barely speak English, and none of whom are worth a piss hole in the snow!!!

iTunes Accounts Hacked [WARNING]

So, until I am issued a personal public apology from Steve Jobs himself, and he personally presents every member of my family with a new, free, top of the line MacBook, and IPad, and adds an adequate security team to iTunes, this post will remain on LK, and you are all free to spread the word, and be warned to avoid all use of iTunes and disable all payment methods to that site which does nothing to prevent fraudulent activity. Because, quite frankly, iTunes customer service sucks, and I am especially referring to, Janet, Carlos, Bryce, Ronda and Linda from the Huston Texas Call Center. These people are as useless as the tits on a bull.

Down with iTunes

Fraudsters Drain PayPal Accounts Through iTunes

PayPal, however, rocks! They are on top of the problem and will deal with the issue on the spot.


  1. Sounds like a social worker is on to you. Just a shitty little way to keep you busy so you aren't exposing their bullshit. good luck and don't let go. chew on their neck.

  2. Anonymous11:57 AM

    You can contact
    about your problem (This is the e-mail for the Apple CEO Steve Jobs, so try to be nice).


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