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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Child abuse isn't a priority in Arizona

Now here's one of those headlines that you need to watch out for.
Child abuse isn't a priority in Arizona
Why should you watch out for headlines like that? Because it's a call to action for the Chronically Anal-Retentive and the stupid. It causes them to formulate opinions based on misinformation.
New state laws were supposed to safeguard kids who are living in potential danger from family members. They did not shield 6-year-old Michael Ibarra. He died Aug. 3.
Because they make it sound like missing one kid is representative of the whole.
Michael is the sixth Pima County child to die in recent years while under the watch of state Child Protective Services. Each killing spurred outrage and demands that things be done better, that children be saved from the relatives who do them harm. "Reforms" were put in place in 2008.
Little, it appears, has changed. We say "appears" because CPS won't talk about Michael on grounds that it might harm the criminal case.
It appears that these workers are supposed to have the Chrystal Balls, and the psychic ability to look into the future with 100% accuracy. The reality will be that if enough public pressure is put on them, ie. the feminazi's start holding their protests in front of the state capital crying out that more needs to be done to protect all of the children, you're going to see more and more kids getting snatched for frivolous reasons and thrown into foster care. You're going to see more families being falsely accused as the awareness campaigns kick in.

Some workers are just stupid. Some workers couldn't recognize a rip in a paper bag. Some workers have never had kids but go out into the fields as the great experts on parenting. Some are overworked, so they say.

They already have the power to snatch kids on a whim. They just gotta learn how to pick the right ones.

You, however, need to recognize propaganda and social conditioning tactics. CPS fucked up. The workers assigned to this case should be held accountable. There was clearly a severe performance issue on the part of the caseworkers in this case. That, is doubtfully representative of the whole.

It will, however, help to increase funding, as they hire, train and employ more caseworkers to snatch more children.

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