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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kingston Children's Aid Society little visitation room

This is the visitation room that parents can visit their children while they are in the CAS. Other wise known as the 'fish bowl'. There are audio recording devises and workers behind the mirror. The parent will not be allowed to hug their child and whisper to them that they love them, the visit will be severed. This sever restriction is done even if the parent has not abused the child. As it was noted in my case by the CAS, the Children have not been abused by the their mother. This is done to separate and isolate the child to make them feel abandoned by the parent to make them easier to handle while in the CAS 'care.' This is child cruelty.

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  1. Hey this is familiar is this you Cathy? Yeah I have had to visit in that room in the winter of 2006 plus visit in the tiny room with the kitchenette and the play area outside.

    My kids are now with my exs family and I have not been able to see them since August 2nd 2007 as they are crown wards that were placed with relatives.

    I know I did nothing wrong, but after 35 years of this stuff between my own life in CAS foster care and fighting for my kids for the last 15 years, I lost.

    If it weren't for the loving person I am with, my life would be over right now as I would have ended it awhile ago.


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