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Friday, June 22, 2007


It's 1:30am & all I hear is the tick tock from the clock
thinking about all the lies of Linda Mills is a crock.
Alone I sit & write
Living without my kids, what a fright.
It is way too quiet
Alone on this no kid diet.
I miss them everyday
Will I ever again get to see them play?
I have yet to really cry
Without them everyday I die.
My kids are my soal
Getting them back is my goal.

here is a not so nice one, I am ANGRY!

I write in pain
For CPS' gain
Because of Linda's lies
Nice things she buys.
$2000 every child, cash
Her face I want to smash!
You F&*(g B&*(
Because you took my kidsyou are rich.
I now have no job
Not only the parents you rob
With pain, my heart does throb.
How you sleep at night I do not know
After years of this you must be a pro
God knows you reep what you soe!

I will update all of you after court tonight. Keep me in your
prayers, court is today at 1:30 California time.

Mom till death

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