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Saturday, June 22, 2019

"Why I handed back my adopted babies... when I got pregnant"

No parent ever forgets that first proud procession from the car to the family home. Ali Sanders remembers every tiny detail of the day she brought her twins home — the baby seats ‘took up the whole of the back seat’, she says.

She watched as her husband, Michael — already ‘head over heels in love’ — clumsily fussed over the straps and buckles, like the excited novice dad he was. Then, inside the house, came the other big family milestone — meeting the ‘over-the-moon’ new grandparents. ‘I remember Michael’s dad meeting them,’ says Ali, 35. ‘He said: “Here’s Grandad!” He was so happy. Everyone was. My parents were thrilled, too.

More >> Why I handed back my adopted babies... when I got pregnant: For years, Ali and her husband had struggled to conceive - so they chose to adopt adorable twin boys. What happened next was a heartbreaking decision that will divide EVERY family

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