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Saturday, September 08, 2018

COA slams courts, DCS for violating parents’ due process

The Indiana Court of Appeals reiterated harsh words at the Department of Child Services and Indiana trial courts after it reversed another case involving the failure to afford due process protections to families in termination of parental rights cases.

Mother L.R. was facing a petition to terminate her parental rights to her three minor children. She failed to appear for a “status of counsel” hearing, prompting the Vanderburgh Superior Court to enter a default judgment against her. On DCS’s motion, the trial court terminated L.R.’s parental rights on that basis alone, and though L.R. filed a timely motion to correct error, she was denied the opportunity to explain her failure to appear at hearing.DCS conceded that L.R. “was not provided the due process protection to which she is entitled” and that the court’s termination order failed to enter findings of fact and conclusions of law as required by Indiana Code section 31-35-2-8.

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  1. I need the lawyers on this case. The lawyers here need to investigate Gainesville, Florida, 8th judicial circuit, specifically department of children and families and partnership for strong families.

    Major matters happening in the town regarding specific cases not all. The groups are going after individual families. There has or has been a culture of social adaptation to the circumstances.

    My kids were legally kidnapped post my testimony against Mitchell Robinson Jr. Which I guess led to Brittney Torres, Lindsay Wilcox, and somehow Vanessa Wilcomm could of been a factor because she was my drug dealer apart from Mitchell.

    Yes I succeeded at leaving a organized drug crime network, however, my parental rights were taken from me after I left as retialiation to shin me in the community as a mom because I did the right thing.

    This is not justice or legal, no wonder Gainesville has so many problems. Girls being burnt on racetrack road, people shot in their head, ICU patients, falsified medical records and intake into hospital, etc. It is really bad to be a smaller town.

  2. Investigate department of children and families and partnership for strong families, 8th circuit, Gainesville, FL.

    The workers there Xavier white, ferinternie, Doughtery, charity black, etc. Indian girl and the white girl heavier set. Legally kidnapped my kids post testifying against domestic abuse which led to drug organized trafficing.

    Department of children and families has been taken over I guess is how say it by abusers part of the drug network I left. It is insane and my kids were taken.

    These girls are not going after groups of people, only specific families. I guess these girls are part of the group? So same way police are filed against because targeting well DCF does the same thing. Usually I would not believe it but then it happened to me so now I have no choice but to believe.

    I guess these girls have to take out specific families to get their long term goal of corruption key players???


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