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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Baby LKs Top Ten CPS Horror Stories of the Week

List of stories used in this video.

  1. Former foster child sues county for alleged invasion of privacy -
  1. More parents accused of child abuse than ever before -
  1. Missouri Has 23% Of Its Foster Kids On Strong Psychoactive Drugs. A Lawsuit Claims The State Isn’t Keeping Records. - 
  1. Poppy Seed Bagel Behind Woman's Ordeal At Towson Hospital -
  1. Toddler in S.C. Foster Home Dies Choking on Food, Coroner Says -
  1. Camas man accused of raping foster child -
  1. Dance instructor accused of sexually assaulting foster children for years -
  1. Marshfield man sentenced to nine months in jail for molesting foster children -
  1. ACS worker with homicide record accused of slamming 6-year-old boy's head at Manhattan foster care center -
  1. Texas couple accused of using adopted children as slave labor to run puppy mill -

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